Food and Snacks

Aprils Creations

April’s Creations has an assortment of home-made candies, chocolates, mint patties etc. She also sells wooden spoons and grave saddles all made here on the Kingston Peninsula. April’s best sellers are her lollipops. If you miss getting one on Saturday morning you can place an order on her Facebook page @ (20+) April’s creations | Facebook April’s favorite thing about the market is that we are a family!

Asian Taste  

Winnie and Jennifer are hard at work serving customers their delicious noodles on Saturdays at the Market. Along with their popular fried noodles, they also serve Chinese pie, dumplings, egg rolls and lemon chicken.  

Benson Seafood  

Al Benson has been a vendor at the Kingston Farmers Market for many years and they sell their popular fresh farmed boneless/skinless filet salmon portions from St. George, NB. They also sell salmon on a bun, hot smoked salmon, and delicious smoked salmon pate. Customers have said it’s the best salmon around. Al says what he enjoys most about the Market is the people, fellow vendors, and of course the customers! 

Cottage Country Treats

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Karen makes candy the old-fashioned way from her location in Saint John. Her products include peanut brittle, sponge toffee, roman nougat, butterscotch and assorted caramels, and all natural, home baked dog treats. She also has a Facebook page called The Candy Counter where her products can be seen. Karen said she loves meeting new people each week at the Kingston Farmers Market. 

Eb Coffeeshop

Coffee lovers who arrive at the Market can purchase their high-quality coffee, espresso, and specialty lattes from their finely appointed food truck. Their bestseller is the pistachio latte. They also offer a variety of baked goods that pair perfectly with your favorite cup of coffee. Eb Coffeeshop also has a Facebook page. What they enjoy most about the Market is the atmosphere! They say nothing beats a Saturday at the Market surrounded by the best collection of food, produce, art, and people. 

Get Waffled  

Get Waffled is reinventing all the sweet flavors you love in life! They are out of the box thinkers, and are bringing different ideas to appeal to peoples’ taste buds! Get Waffled bakes fresh waffles on a stick then adds white or brown chocolate, or Nutella, with amazing topping creations, served warm. Their best sellers are the Reese’s pie, salted caramel, cosmic brownie. Make sure you check out their Facebook and Instagram! What they enjoy most about the Kingston Farmers Market is the friendliness of everyone, that even when it rains, we’re open for business, and they appreciate how everyone supports one another.  

Harron Brook Hills 

David and Lisa produce everything they sell from their farm in Wirral, NB. Their products include honey, honey related products (beeswax, etc), maple syrup and chaga/herbal wildcrafted teas. They also sell on their property from a small storefront location in their garage. They enjoy the community atmosphere of the Kingston Farmers Market, and the very friendly customers! 

Irm’s Pickle Jar 

You can buy a variety of homemade items from Irm’s Pickle Jar including jams, relish, fudge, bread, tea biscuits, scones, cinnamon pinwheels, and of course don’t forget the pickles!  Irm lives in Nauwigewauk, NB, and says her bestsellers are her baked bread and pickles. She says what she enjoys most of being part of the Kingston Farmers Market is the people! 

Kolody’s Perogies 

This vendor hails from St. Martins, NB and sells handmade, hot off the griddle perogies.  Their bestsellers are the delicious roasted garlic parmesan or the 5-cheese perogies. Their products are also available on their Facebook page. They love the warm and friendly atmosphere at the Market on Saturdays. 

Korean BBQ

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This South Korean native, now makes his home in NB, and has brought the culinary delights of his native country to the Kingston Farmers Market. Their food items include Korean BBQ chicken teriyaki, spicy pork, beef bulgogi, bibimbap, cup bap, vegetable dumplings, beef dumplings, vegetable mini spring rolls and vegetable pancakes. All their food is made at home using only natural ingredients without MSG and chemicals. They said they always strive to make the freshest and healthiest food choices. What they enjoy most about the Kingston Farmers Market is being able to buy locally produced vegetables, and experiencing the culture and food of a various countries, all in one place! 

Lisa’s Keto Kitchen 

If you’re looking for healthy, gluten free, keto or diabetic food options, look no further. Lisa’s Keto Kitchen has many baked goods to offer. They are based in Hampton, NB, and are regular vendors at the Kingston Farmers Market on Saturdays. Lisa has a Facebook page to view her various food options. What she enjoys most about the Market is the friendly atmosphere where everyone feels like a family! 

Mashawi Zein Syrian Food 

Mashawi Zein is a family-owned business of Syrian origin. They established their restaurant in Saint John, and are frequent vendors at the Kingston Farmers Market. The restaurant is located on Germain St. In Saint John NB and offers a variety of Syrian cuisine. On Saturdays you will find delicious samosas, hummus, shawarma, Kebbeh, falafel, tabouleh, grape leaves, baklava, and more. Their best sellers are samosas. You can stop by the Market for takeout or you can place an order online. The best part of coming to the Market for them is the fresh air and sharing their culture! 

Nana & Papa’s

Laureen Lennan hails from Carter’s Point, NB, and she sells her homemade baked products at the Market on Saturdays. She says her most popular products are cinnamon rolls and date squares. She also makes biscuits, pies, oatcakes, jams and jellies. She makes all her products at home using local ingredients when available. Her favorite part of the Market is the friendly atmosphere and comraderie among her fellow vendors. 


The Picklelady has been a longstanding vendor at the Kingston Farmers Market. She lives on the Kingston Peninsula, and says she is always at the Market, rain or shine. In fact, she has only missed one day in 21 years! She sells pickles, handmade quilts, dish towels, dishcloths, knit sweaters, adult bib, scarves and locally raised ducks’ eggs. Bestselling items include Lady Ashburnum pickles, beets and quilts. The Picklelady says what she loves about the Market is that everyone is so friendly and helpful, and she enjoys her neighboring vendors.  

Rise & Shine Breakfast Sandwiches 

Anyone looking for a great breakfast sandwich when they arrive at the Market on Saturdays will be pleased to select from their varied options, including eggs, sausages, bacon, egg whites, and even a plant-based breakfast sandwich option. The McGuire family is always welcoming to customers and serves up their made to order breakfast sandwiches with a friendly smile. What they like most about being at the Market is the support they receive as vendors, their loyal customers, and the overall positive atmosphere at the Market! 

Ryan’s Jam 

Anyone visiting Ryan’s Jam might do a double-take when they see this young man (14 years of age) selling delicious homemade jam that he makes himself. Originally from Ontario, Ryan now calls Rothesay, NB home. He says his most popular jam flavor is strawberry rhubarb. What he enjoys most about the Kingston Farmers Market is the people.  

Shirley’s Sugar  

Shirley is a resident of Quispamsis and has been proudly making fudge to customers at the Market for years.  She sells a variety of delicious flavors of fudge for people to choose from. She says she loves the atmosphere at the Kingston Farmers Market.  

Smokin Jon’s BBQ & Co.

Travelling to the Kingston Farmers Market from Fredericton, NB each Saturday, Smokin Jon’s BBQ & Co. offers a delightful variety of barbeque sauces, spices and hot sauces. Applying his professional skills as a chef, Jon says their bestselling product is the smokey maple BBQ sauce, and he is happy to help patrons choose the right sauce/spice for them. He even offers samples to help take the guesswork out of selecting their products. Smokin Jon’s also has a Facebook page and website. When asked what he likes most about the Kingston Farmers Market, he says the people and the location! 

Stoked Artisan Pizza

The husband-and-wife team at Stoked Artisan Pizza have been serving up delicious artisan pizzas at the Kingston Farmers Market for the past two years, and they’re a popular vendor on Saturdays. They come from the Belleisle Bay area in NB, and have been serving up their freshly made-to-order pizzas from their new “horse trailer” venue this year. Their bestseller is the pepperoni pizza, but they have several different options to choose from. You can find them on Instagram and Facebook, @stokedpizzanb. They most enjoy the atmosphere at the Market, as well as their great relationships with their customers and other vendors. 

Sweet Vanilla 

It’s a “treat” to sample Sweet Vanilla’s homemade, authentic French baking from this vendor who hails from Madagascar/France. Romy is a self-taught baker who is passionate about sharing her love of French pastries. Their most popular items on Saturdays are double almond croissants, gluten free French macarons and vegan French bread. Sweet Vanilla’s products can be viewed online via Facebook and on their website ( What Romy says she enjoys most about the Kingston Farmers Market is the authentic character of the market, the warmth of the other vendors, and our supportive patrons.  

Tall Tom’s Lemonade 

Tall Tom’s Lemonade 

Tom and his team hail from St. Stephen, NB, and they offer delicious made-to-order fresh lemonade and organic kettle corn popcorn. Just look for the line-up of thirsty visitors and you’ll find their counter. They have been a loyal vendor at the Market for the past 10 years. They have a Facebook and Instagram page, as well as a website ( that shows their various products. Tom says what he enjoys most about the Market are the people – customers, vendors, and meeting many great people! 

Thai-riffic Food  

Uma is originally from Bangkok, Thailand and she and her team have been proudly serving Kingston Farmers Market customers with delicious Thai food for over 10 years. Their best seller is pad Thai, but they also serve their popular curry dishes.  Uma says she most enjoys the great atmosphere at the Market. 

The Mad Batters Korean Flapjacks  

Jay Lee and his team are from Backbay, NB. These wonderful people have brought their famous street food from South Korea to our very own Kingston Peninsula. They sell blueberry flapjacks shaped as fish cakes, lobster shaped cheese and bacon flapjacks, vegetable flapjacks and cinnamon sweet flapjacks. They enjoy the friendship and music offered at the Market.